Belton Nazarene Church is a family friendly place. Our mission is to help people become Believers in Jesus as their personal Savior, Nurture these new believers to grow to maturity as Christians, and Connect these believer to each other and the world.

We want to welcome you to our church family! 

Baby Bottle Boomerang

Baby Bottle Boomerang is a way for us to help raise funds for Hope Pregnancy Center. The boomerang runs from Mother's Day to Father's Day. It's easy to participate: pick up a baby bottle in the front lobby, take it home, and fill it up with change (and bills!), then return it on Father's Day. If there aren't any bottles in the lobby, fill up a small bottle, jar, or baggie and bring it for Baby Bottle Boomerang!

Sermon Series

Pastor Tipton will begin a new sermon series on Sunday, May 8. The series is entitled, "Looking Like the Family." It's going to be a great time of learning how we can be more like Jesus. Don't miss a single service!

Graduation Sunday

We are so proud of our graduates! We have three young men graduating from high school, and a young lady graduating from college. 

We are going to recognize our grads on Sunday morning following the service with a reception. Come to church at 10:00 a.m. and stay for the recognition!